The Saginaw Bay Pay for Preformance Program

The Saginaw Bay Watershed Pay-for-Performance (PfP) Project offers a non-traditional conservation funding option for land users in the Saginaw Bay Watershed. Through PFP, participants receive annual payments based on the sediment load reductions they achieve by implementing new soil conservation practices.

Launched in 2015 and funded via the EPA’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the five year Saginaw Bay Watershed PfP Project will test the efficacy of a pay-for-performance program in accelerating the implementation of key conservation practices across important agricultural areas of the Saginaw Bay Watershed to substantially reduce sediment and nutrient loading. The project funds and experienced team of organizations to develop this new and innovative program, as well as a dedicated conservation technician to recruit landowners and oversee landowner contracts, payments and program evaluation. The Project Team will also develop recommendations for sustaining the program after federal funding is exhausted by exploring potential market drivers. The Project Team includes members of the Michigan Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, the Delta institute, Great Lakes Commission, MSU-Institute of Water Research and the Sanilac Conservation District.

Certain Areas within the Saginaw Bay Watershed are eligible for PfP funding, those areas include the Cass River, Pine/Chippewa River, Saginaw River, and the Shiawassee River Watersheds. 

The Nature Conservancy has developed the models and data analysis to set ecologically-relevant outcome-based conservation goals in these areas, which will enable project partners to target practices to the areas that offer the highest ecological return on investment and track progress towards those implementation goals by utilizing the Great Lakes Watershed Management System.

Producers and Landowners who choose to enroll in his project will receive payment rates of $150 per ton of sediment reduced.

There is also a one-time priority watershed bonus of $500.

A $50-dollar landowner referral is also available.

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For more information or to see if the PfP program is right for your farm,
- contact our Saginaw Bay Watershed technician, Megan Naplin

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